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Integrative Perception

The human nervous system DETECTS far more stimuli than an individual is AWARE of. Most health practitioners occasionally experience moments when they are able to sense things that cannot be perceived through their "standard" five senses. A relatively small percentage of gifted individuals learn how to cultivate this expanded awareness sensing skill so they can access it at any time.

During the 1980's investigators began to examine this sensing phenomenon from a psycho-physiological point of view. The remarkable outcome of this research yielded insights that enable most individuals to rapidly expand their range of awareness. The Access Chiropractic evolved out this research.

2 Kinds of Stimuli = 2 Types of Responses

During palpation, a practitioner's nervous system detects a mixture of conscious stimuli and 'ultra-weak' (non-conscious) stimuli. The nervous system responds differently to each type of stimulus.

When the nervous system detects 'standard' stimuli, it responds by producing conscious sensations. By comparison, when the nervous system detects ultra-weak stimuli it responds by producing select autonomic and central nervous system responses, which the practitioner is (normally) not aware of. These ANS/ CNS responses may involve changes in brainwave activity; heart rate; muscle tone; respiration; sudomotor activity, etc.

Integrative Perception Significantly Enhances a Practitioner's 'Range of Perception' & Sensitivity.

The Access Practitioner learns how to rapidly enhance awareness of specific ANS/CNS responses - which their nervous system produces - when it detects 'ultra-weak' changes in a patient's physiology. Enhanced awareness skills enable a practitioner to significantly increase the specificity of assessment and corrective procedures.

Access Chiropractic favors the use of low force corrective inputs. 

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